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Empowering individuals.

K-12 code education, small business web design, and technology consultation.


Our Mission

Use technology to empower individuals. Through technology education and small business web design and consulting, Hello World AZ is helping users take the fear out of technology!

Coding Education Programs

Hello World AZ wants code and programing concepts in front of every student in Arizona. We recognize that isn't always possible through the standard school day. That is why we've crafted our solutions to reach students in various ways.


After School

Our after school programs are a great addition to any school's offerings and resources. The school provides the space, we provide the knowledgeable instructor and curriculum. We offer classes tailored to various age groups. Non-readers? No problem. Advanced coders? We've got a solution for you! Contact us for more details.

In the Classroom

We come to you. We create an experience tailored to your classroom's needs. Through packages of time, Hello World AZ instructs your students during their standard computer class time and leaves the teacher with tools and projects to keep the students growing in code. We can also help you integrate technology and coding concepts into your Science and Math subjects. Contact us for more details.

Private Tutoring or Homeschool Programs

Sometimes a student’s schooling environment doesn’t offer any code education programs yet, or the student is running at a different pace that what is offered. That is where one-on-one tutoring or bringing technological education to a less traditional settings comes in. Contact us today to see how we can help bring code to life for your kids!



Small Business Web Design & Digital Consutling

Small businesses and nonprofit organizations need to make a large impact with smaller expenses. Hello World AZ knows how to accomplish this and more.

Our leadership has extensive experience with small business web presence setup and management. We can provide improvement advice, set you up from scratch, or overhaul any existing systems you have.

In addition to small business development experience, our leadership has over 10 years experience working with and running nonprofit organizations. We're here to help make your life easier.

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