Summer camp ideas got you down?

Us. Too. Nothing is more chaotic than deciding how to keep the kids busy with productive activities. Some of that may include screen time and some may not. Luckily, Hello World AZ is offering some summer sessions and private tutoring you will want to take advantage of and turn that screen time Productive! Create games, don’t just play them!

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Who is welcome?

  • All students ranging in age from Kindergarten - 12th grade.
  • Non-readers and readers alike.
  • We also are welcoming to students with attention issues or in need of learning adjustments.

All students are always welcome at Hello World AZ!

What is taught?

  • Video game and story building using Scratch
  • Expanding students’ understanding code and technology building blocks
  • Focus on Problem Solving and Logical Progression
  • For more advanced students, using real code (HTML and CSS) to build working websites

Whatever the path, your students’ receive curriculum tailored just to them and we come to you.

What type of classes are offered?

Individual Tutoring

  • Single student focused sessions
  • We come to you, or a semi-private public location with WiFi (ex: library study rooms), or we can book a location* Contact us for more details
  • Curriculum personally tailored to the individual student’s skills, interests, learning style, and learning speed. (No two students have exact same curriculum)

Small Group Sessions

  • A great option to include a couple of friends that want to begin or continue the code education. (Up to 6 students)
  • We come to you, or a semi-private public location with WiFi (ex: library study rooms), or we can book a location* Contact us for more details
  • Curriculum deigned to meet the needs of the groups’ average skill level plus the individual learning styles and speed of each member.

*Booking a location may include an additional expense.

Where are classes held?

Hello World AZ can hold classes anywhere you are. In your home. At your office. Or we can book a space near you! Contact us for more details.

When can I start?

Individual Tutoring

Hello World AZ has various times open depending on your availability/need. Please contact us directly to schedule your personalized private tutoring sessions.

Group Sessions

Currently all our Group Sessions are full. You can signup for our mailing list for notifications of new Group Sessions throughout the year.

Classes are a great time to bring together friends and get everyone working on productive screentime at a more affordable rate.

Gigabyte Session Openings: (1 session a week for 4 weeks; 1 - 1.5 hours a session)

  • Full for Summer 2019. Receive updates about future Summer & break classes.

Megabyte Session Openings: (2 sessions a week for 3 weeks; 1 - 1.5 hours a session)

  • Full for Summer 2019. Receive updates about future Summer & break classes.

Kilobyte Session Openings: (4 or 5 sessions a week; 3 hours a session)

  • Full for Summer 2019. Receive updates about future Summer & break classes.

What is the Pricing?

Personalized Private Tutoring for individuals begins at $40/hour for beginners, $50/hour for intermediate, and $60/hour for advanced. Your student receives dedicated attention and curriculum personally tailored to their interest, learning style, and learning speed.

Small Group Session pricing can be more affordable since multiple students share the cost and classes follow more standard curriclum. Exact pricing depends on the skill level of the students, total head count, and length of class. Contact us for exact pricing based on your student and schedule preference. We’ve provided a couple of examples below.

Example #1:

Kilobyte Session with 3 Beginner Students (4 or 5 sessions/week, 3 hrs/session, 1 week)
$15/hour per student

  • 4 days - $180/student (12 hours instruction)
  • 5 days - $225/student (15 hours instruction)

Example #2:

Gigabyte Session with 2 Intermediate Students (1 session/week, 1.5 hrs/session, 4 weeks)
$35/hour per student

  • $52.50/week/student = $210 total (6 total hours instruction)

Please keep in mind these are examples but all factors are taken into consideration.

Does my student need their own computer?

It is best if the student is using a computer/laptop they are most familiar with. It IS required that a student use a mouse, not a laptop trackpad. Hello World AZ has limited laptop computers and mice available for rent, contact us for more details.

Who is teaching?

Our Owner and Lead Instructor handles all curriculum development and delivery for summer sessions. She has over 13 years of expereience teaching, 5 in code education, and over 15 years in technology management. She also carries a Level 1 fingerprint clearance card. Learn more about Stacy Fabian. Any additional instructors will hold Level 1 fingerprint clearance cards as well.

Want your student(s) working on productive screen time this summer? Click below to get started!


Want even more options, here are some offerings outside of Hello World AZ.
These offerings/programs are not endorsed by or vetted by Hello World AZ. Please omplete your own research before registering your student.


Patterson Robotics Camp

Link: Event listing page

Patterson Elementary School Robotics team is offering a summer camp at Patterson for current Patterson students.

Who: 4th, 5th, and 6th Graders
Where: Robotics Lab, Patterson Elementary
When: June 3 -6 (Monday – Thursday) from 9am – Noon
Cost: $100 for camp or $450 for camp and the 2019 – 2020 school year if paid up front

Code Ninjas

Link: Organization Website
Link: Local Classes

  • Their camps look to be about $400 for a week.

  • There are various locations around the valley.

  • They offer various camps using different technologies such as "game builders' camp" and the "Browse & Build" camp. They also offer camps focused on Roblox and Minecraft for any students with those specific interests.


ASU iDTech Camps

Link: Course Catalog at ASU East (Polytechnic Campus)

  • Their camps seem to start around $850 a week for a full/day camp.

  • They do get lots of high praise and reviews online for many of their programs.

Engineering for kids

Link: Phoenix Metro Camps

  • These camps are focused on various areas of Engineering concepts if you want your student to try more that just coding. (Always good!)

  • We don’t have any direct experience or third-party reviews to pull from but they seem popular.