#Technology Tip Tuesday

Your Facebook handle says a lot about you.

A Facebook handle is the name after the @ sign that people/businesses use to tag and find you on Facebook. By default, business or group pages may include random characters, dashes, and other non-applicable things. You can and should change that. It takes moments and can be a #gameChanger.

  • Potential customers and business partners can find you quicker.

  • Happy customers can refer you and tag you easier.

  • Visitors better understand what your business is.

In 3 easy steps you are on your way to a better interaction experience.

  1. Open Facebook and click “About” on your business page

  2. Look for your “username” and click “Edit” next to it.

  3. Select a simple and succinct username for your business.

    • EX: Hello World AZ is @helloworldazllc

    • You may find your perfect name is taken, but just roll with it. That’s what we did. :)

Need a visual guide? We’ve got you covered. Download a quick reference tool.