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After school Programs

Hello World AZ was built on the foundation that when a child learns to code, they benefit in more ways than they can imagine. Through after school programs taught on campus, with instructors that are fully background checked, we offer multi-level classes that allow students as early as kindergarten to explore and grow their love for software technologies through games and story telling with code.

Side-by-side Classroom Instruction

The hardest part of learning (and teaching) code is the first step. Many teachers and schools are unsure where to begin. Hello World AZ can be your partner in that educational journey. We come in and teach the lesson plans, side-by-side with the educators, and leave them with the tools to further the students' educational journey through code.

Contact us to refer or bring us to your school.

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Private Tutoring or Homeschool Programs

Does your child show some interest in coding games or activities? Are you sick of hearing about their Minecraft world? Well we've got you covered.

We can help guide your child so their screen time is not only fun but educational. Time spent learning the basic of coding permeates all aspects of their life. 

Contact us to learn more about the benefits of tutoring, or for packages and pricing info.