Personalized Private Tutoring - Intermediate

Personalized Private Tutoring - Intermediate

from 50.00

Private tutoring personally tailored to your student based on their pace, interest, and learning style.

Discounts applied for multi-hour packages.

See Additional Information below for possible price adjustments.

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Additional Information

Educational Focus

Tutoring is tailored to the student and their individual needs, pace, and learning style. Every student will complete a coding foundations evaluation during the first tutoring session. Depending on the student, this could take 30-45 minutes to complete. Areas covered include, but are no limited to:

  • Coding Foundations

  • Video Game Design

  • Visual Storytelling

  • Simple single page web design

Specific development languages for website or app building potentially available, ask for details.

While digital tools will often be used, Hello World AZ tutor may bring in “unplugged” tools as well to expand the learning experience.

Location Options

Tutoring can occur in the student’s home*, a shared public location**, or the Hello World AZ offices.

NOTE: For tutoring of any minor, a parent or legal guardian must remain onsite and available at all times during duration tutoring session.

*Pricing subject to change if distance is outside 15 miles travel from tutor’s beginning location.

**Pricing subject to change if room reservation incurs additional costs.

Training Materials & Training Environment Considerations

It is expected that the student provides a computer and reliable internet connection available during tutoring sessions done In Home. If sessions are held in a Shared Public Location or at Hello World AZ Offices, the student must provide their own computer. Public internet will be required when agreeing on a Shared public location. A reliable internet connection will be provided at Hello World AZ Offices.

If student does not have a computer, one from Hello World AZ can be used for an additional $5/hour.